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Network Overview

CENIC's California Research and Education Network (CalREN) is a multi-tiered, advanced network-services fabric serving the majority of research and education institutions in the state. The CalREN backbone includes roughly 8,000 miles of CENIC-owned and managed fiber, last-mile fiber, and hundreds of optical components.

CENIC engineers perform regular upgrades at the three network layers outlined below. As of November 2018, these network upgrades include:

Layer 1: Optical backbone

Layer 2: (DC/HPR customer access, commodity peering transport, and the Pacific Wave exchange)

Layer 3: Routed networks (DC and HPR backbones)

CENIC has a Connection Tracker that displays the status of current projects among three of the CENIC member segments (with others to follow): K–12 schools, public libraries, and community colleges. Each connection to CalREN requires 14 steps — from initial project overview meeting to completion — and the tracker shows the progress of all new connections taking place in each segment. View the tracker. >